Personal work, 2019



Plastic figure occupies a special position - a position symbolically and mystically associated with water myths and cosmologies. I designed the statue to be useful, but at the same time to embodied the current state of the European river systems. Plastic bottles which formed along with the river a unified and unconventional organism, now gained the form of a human figure: at the time of the environmental changes, it is necessary to perceive not only humans, but also springs, waters, river beds and plastic artifacts as specific actors. They all, together with humans, form networks of relationships, we meet, we influence, we enrich, but we also destroy. The first step to cast a man out of his narcissistic leadership role is to listen to the "inanimate" stories - in fact, "non-human" agents with their own biographies, influences and powers.

Curated by Lenka Klodová and Karolina Kohoutková.